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What do you think of this three-round mock from

One of the three picks for the 49ers makes sense. Not sure about the other two.

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This morning’s mock draft is a bit different than usual. Rather than look into the first round with the usual Nick Bosa/Quinnen Williams/Josh Allen picks, we have a three-round mock done by’s Chad Reuter. Yes, the aforementioned big three make it into the first round, but from there are some other positions to fill out the ranks.

For the first pick, Reuter goes with the 49ers taking Williams. Bosa goes to the Cardinals. Here’s what he says about the pick.

It might be a tough call here between Williams and Kentucky’s Josh Allen. DeForest Buckner’s versatility could allow the team to put Buckner and Williams on the field at the same time.

I’m willing to start betting money that the Cardinals don’t take Bosa. I think his recent comments about playing in a 3-4 and the Cardinals need for the interior all but seals his fate. I won’t be surprised if Bosa goes to the Cardinals, but I just don’t think Arizona is leaning that direction. If Bosa is gone, I see the 49ers going for Josh Allen in any case.

Ok, we’ve seen the obvious picks, let’s get to Round 2. Reuter has the 49ers taking a linebacker. Michigan Linebacker Devin Bush.

Bush’s lack of size might keep him out of the first round, but he’ll be a longtime playmaker in the league.

Now this is interesting. The 49ers can use some linebacker help. Fred Warner has been a steal where they got him and Elijah Lee may have played himself into a roster spot after his 2018 tour of duty. So there’s Devin Bush. Here’s some highlights of him at Michigan. Watching him and reading up on his stats, the guy packs a punch. That is, if he wasn’t so short. He’s 5 foot, 11 inches. Keep in mind, when Ray Lewis was drafted, people found his size a liability and he’s over 6 feet tall. Bush is interesting, if he’s a second-round talent-interesting is really the question here. I like what he brings, just seems a bit early. Here’s his draft card.

Finally, for the third round we Iowa edge-rusher Anthony Nelson.

Nelson’s size and hustle should allow him to flourish for the Niners.

And this is why I don’t want Williams in the first. The 49ers absolute neglected need has been edge rusher. And it gets ignored until the third round in this draft. If the 49ers could take Allen in the first round, it opens things up to get a guard or a wide receiver. As far as Nelson, I watched some film of him against Iowa state and came away liking what I saw, but also on the fence with him. His burst speed is something I didn’t like and something also highlighted on his draft card.

The 49ers need a guard and an edge-rusher. I just don’t see how Williams can fit into their plans with those two needs in play. But then again, I’m stubborn for Bosa, and would go with Josh Allen if Bosa isn’t available, so my own stubbornness could cost me. A 3rd round edge rusher just isn’t what I had in mind. This isn’t a bad draft by any means, and if you are ready to move on from Solomon Thomas, then Williams is there for the taking and this could be how things shake out.

What do you think of this trio? If you can’t see the poll below, click here.


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