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Best part of Super Bowl 53 was when 2nd Infantry Division asked about the 49ers

Shows are always better when the 49ers are talked about.

Super Bowl LIII didn’t have many moments that we want to highlight. Not that we do any year the 49ers are not playing, but it was just a game that wasn’t very interesting. That is, of course if you didn’t watch the pre-game show.

Our own Alex Tran caught video of the Von Miller and Nate Burleson getting to field a question from the American 2nd Infantry Division Major General D. Scott Mckean. Oh, we didn’t mention this question came from McKean while in South Korea surrounded by troops at 5:00 A.M. McKean had a simple question directed to Burleson:

“So John Lynch and Kyle Shanahan are starting their third year, will the 49ers be able to compete next year with the Rams, and the second part of that is will Jimmy Garoppolo going to be the comeback player of the year?”

McKean warned the commentating team that he had, “lots of tanks and helicopters” and suggested they take that into consideration with their answer.

Burleson and Miller both got in on the answer in the positive on the 49ers’ and Garoppolo’s fate. It was a great question and a great segment.

There’s only one thing better than national telecasts talking about the 49ers, and that’s when they get the troops to take over the segment. I only hope McKean was satisfied with that answer.