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NFL releases Combine participant list

The 2019 NFL Combine is a little under three weeks away, and on Thursday, the NFL announced the full list of participants. There are 338 prospects attending the Combine, and you can sort the list by name, position, and college.

The Combine gets going on February 26th, with the arrival of special teams players, offensive linemen, and running backs. Each group spends four days in Indianapolis going through the ringer. The first day of the event is registration and medical pre-examinations. The second day is measurements and formal medical evaluations. The third day includes the Wonderlic, the bench press, and media availability. The fourth day features on-field workouts. Throughout the process teams can conduct formal interviews.

We’ll have preview content and news updates throughout the Combine. In the meantime, are you going to be paying attention to anybody in particular? NFL Network will broadcast from the event, and there is usually a live stream as well at There will be plenty to watch during this otherwise down time before free agency gets going a few weeks later.