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Golden Nuggets: Why the 49ers should not draft Quinnen Williams

San Francisco 49ers links for Friday February 8, 2019

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San Francisco 49ers v Houston Texans Photo by Tim Warner/Getty Images

I bet you are thinking I am going to tell you why Quinnen Williams is not a good fit for the 49ers but I have a much better plan. I am going to refer you to the first article I posted below which is written by Kyle Madson from Niners Wire. There is a podcast included in the article that has Kyle and Chris Biderman of the Sacramento Bee spending the early part of the podcast doing a much better job than I ever could of explaining why Williams is not a good fit for the 49ers. It starts about the 10:20 mark of the podcast and goes through the 22:45 mark.

At one point Chris Biderman talks about asking the 49ers defensive coordinator Robert Saleh whether he would consider moving Deforest Buckner to the five tech position to make room for Williams. They also explain why it would not make sense to waste the number two draft pick on a nose tackle. Another valid point they bring up is how it might affect Deforest Buckner’s next contract. I think it is worth listening to even if you only listen to what they have to say about not picking Williams at number two.

I also loved the article about Huey Lewis. We use to hang out with the same people once in awhile back in those days and I could see him showing up with a disposable camera. He was kind of a funny guy. Keg on second or was it third? It all seems so fuzzy now. Those were the days.

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