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SI writers predict next five Super Bowl champions

The 49ers are not included.

Super Bowl 53 is behind us, and with some down time until the 2019 NFL Combine gets going, Sports Illustrated decided to go deep into the predictions. 10 SI writers offered up predictions for who would win each of the next five Super Bowls.

It’s a fun exercise in part because we know the league is going to see significant change. Back in 2012 or 2013, there would have been multiple guesses that the San Francisco 49ers would win one of the next five Super Bowls. However, in this look, the 49ers get no mentions.

The predictions had 15 franchises winning at least one Super Bowl in the next five years. The Kansas City Chiefs led the way, with eight writers predicting a Super Bowl, and six of those writers predicting two Super Bowls. The New England Patriots were second with seven writers predicting a Super Bowl. Bette Marston predicted two Patriots Super Bowls, and Conor Orr predicted three Patriots Super Bowls.

Some of the more amusing picks on the list include Gary Gramling picking the Oakland Raiders and Jonathan Jones picking the Denver Broncos. The New York Jets were picked once and the Cleveland Browns were picked twice, but frankly, neither is all that surprising. The Jets hope they have their franchise quarterback in Sam Darnold, while the Browns are going to be a popular pick to get to the playoffs in 2019. Public perception is on their side.

That being said, I’m still a little surprised the return of Jimmy Garoppolo does not have any of the SI writers a little more excited. Personally, I’m fine with the 49ers getting back under the radar. I imagine they’ll be a popular playoff pick later this summer, but while we wait for Garoppolo to get back to 100 percent, the team is flying low.