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49ers get Nick Bosa, Cardinals get Quinnen Williams in Draft Network mock

The logic of taking Williams is beginning to flow.

NCAA Football: Ohio State at Texas Christian Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

Quinnen Williams to the Arizona Cardinals at No. 1 has started to gain steam and not look like a sleeper pick. Both from a needs standpoint and a system standpoint, it makes sense for the Cardinals. Joe Marino at The Draft Network is one of those who believe in this possibility and in a recent mock draft he put together, he has the Cardinals taking the Alabama defensive tackle at No. 1. This, of course, leaves Ohio State defensive end Nick Bosa for the San Francisco 49ers.

Here’s what Marino said about the Cardinals taking Williams:

Woah!?!? Not Nick Bosa?!?! If Arizona doesn’t trade back and makes a selection, it has to be either Williams or Bosa and I don’t think the gap between Bosa and Williams is very wide, if there even is one at all. It could also be argued that Arizona’s need on the interior defensive line is far greater than on the edge.

Williams was the most dominant defensive player I studied on film last season. It’s not just that he features exceptional quickness, power, technique and urgency on the field, his football IQ is incredibly high. He processes play concepts rapidly, works through contact and lives in the backfield.

And then here’s what he said about the 49ers grabbing Bosa:

Williams going No. 1 overall and Bosa falling right into their hands is the dream scenario for the Niners. While San Francisco has used plenty of premium draft capital on its defensive line, the outside pass rush is still severely lacking. Enter Bosa who can immediately solve the issue.

Bosa is a refined technician with his hand usage, explosive mover and features exceptional play strength. He has the upside to become that next Myles Garrett, Von Miller or Khalil Mack caliber edge rusher in the NFL.

The NFL Combine is going to be the place where Williams and Bosa can get separated. If both do well, Williams to the Cardinals is more of a sure thing. If one does well while the other doesn’t, that will decide the No. 1 pick. Bosa still is a bit better suited for a 4-3 instead of a 3-4, but the Cardinals could decide to go with Bosa anyways if he puts up better Combine numbers. For all we know, Josh Allen could blast past everyone and be the No. 1 pick. It’s all on the Combine. A pro day wouldn’t hurt as well.

Bosa to the Cardinals brings a lot of questions about system fit as he’d have to learn how to play in a 3-4 system. We’ve seen with some players this can be detrimental (READ: Tank Carradine). I’ve read some comments where some still think the Cardinals could take Bosa just so the 49ers don’t have him—that’s ridiculous. No NFL team is going to take a player just so another team let alone a division rival can’t have him. The Cardinals will trade out with a Bosa-needy team if they really want to jam the 49ers that way.

That possibility aside, Bosa at No. 2 isn’t becoming so much crazy talk and is becoming a logical choice.