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Report: NFL personnel source says Antonio Brown worth a fourth round pick at-best

Antonio Brown Watch has taken a turn.

Antonio Brown Watch took a dark, dark turn this week when words of a domestic dispute hit the waves. The demand for Brown’s services (and the San Francisco 49ers involvement) may have dwindled next to nothing. So what are the Pittsburgh Steelers looking to get for Brown now? A conditional fourth round pick. At best.

Pittsburgh Steelers beat writer Ed Bouchette reports he asked someone connected to NFL personnel and got what the new price adjustment for Brown is:

When I asked one longtime NFL personnel man last week what he would he would give the Steelers for Brown if he were in position to trade for him (he isn’t), he said maybe a sixth-round draft pick.


OK, he replied, maybe a conditional fifth or fourth depending on how he performs and maybe if the team makes the playoffs.

If that were the case, the draft pick the Steelers would receive would not be until 2020, and it might be in the same round where the Steelers drafted Brown in 2010. The personnel man acknowledged that it would only take one team that really wanted him to jack up the take, the way the Oakland Raiders gave the Steelers a third-round pick for Martavis Bryant last year.

That is a far cry from the first round MSRP the Steelers set for Brown before all of this became public. There were some predictions made that revolved around Brown in a 49ers uniform. Fooch broke that down here. How much of a hit will this really take? As Fooch says, the Combine is where these negotiations happen, so if there’s any interest in Brown after these allegations, whether true or not, and from the 49ers or not, we’ll hear there.

There’s still a lot to unpack in Brown’s recent domestic dispute before we can even talk the Combine. It’s an ongoing process and more information on what happened is sure to come out. The NFL is doing its own investigation while Brown’s lawyers are positioning him in a custody case for his kid due to the allegations.

Something to keep in mind is the 49ers just got done with the migraine that is Reuben Foster and following that release, Kyle Shanahan was candid that he’s not going to tolerate that type of behavior. These are two different incidents that have an investigation process to play out, but it’s something to keep in mind.

There’s going to be more to this story as time goes on, but while Brown may have hit the bargain bin, he now comes with a ‘buyer beware’ and possible defects.