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Golden Nuggets: New faces coming to the coaching staff

Your San Francisco 49ers links for Saturday, February 9th 2019

Hope everyone is having a great start to the offseason. I’m here in Seattle, Washington experiencing what the locals are calling snowpocalypse. Having been born and raised in Boise, Idaho, I’ve seen a snowpocalypse and this isn’t it. It’s supposed to be here for a couple of days, but the city has bought out everything in existence like zombies are coming. I went to a local Fred Meyer to buy my weekly groceries and couldn’t even get my hands on oatmeal. I took the last three boneless skinless chicken breasts they had in stock and tried to improvise what to get this week (I actually went to the organic grocery store where I took out a 30-year fixed interest loan to buy vegetables). But that’s me, I’m stuck in this snowstorm. To be fair, it is rather nasty in Seattle when it snows, and the city is so hilly that it’s crippled until everything melts.

How bad is the snow? Well the local casinos shut down when the first blizzard hit on Monday—and that’s NEVER happened. In my days as a blackjack dealer they didn’t care if I couldn’t drive my Nissan Sentra up the interstate in the rare Seattle snowstorms. I had to be there to open up tables. If casinos are shutting down, this storm means business.

On the football side, looks like Kyle Shanahan is making some changes. I love the hires, many seem better than what was here before. Wes Welker is great for the wide receivers due to his age (generational differences should help—or I hope) and he played the position at a high level. Welker could flame out, but I think that hire is really going to do wonders, especially when he started his coaching tenure at the bottom. Same thing with Miles Austin coming in for quality control. Shane Day is the only one I’m worried about. Rich Scangarello worked wonders with the quarterbacks and there was no replacing him, sure, but Day, despite his experience has Jay Cutler on his resume. That scares me. I think his experience is great though and Cutler wasn’t awful under him, so this should be interesting.

And I got some links for all of you. Happy weekend

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What a horrible night to have a curse...