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Kyler Murray to meet with Arizona Cardinals during NFL Combine

Keep the rumor mill pumping!

Oklahoma quarterback Kyler Murray met with the media on Friday, and he provided news that will surprise nobody. He has a meeting set up with the Arizona Cardinals during the NFL Combine.

Teams are allowed to meet with up to 60 prospects for 15 minutes apiece during the Combine. Most teams have some level of interest in the players, but there have been reports in the past of a team meeting with a player to potentially learn more about a teammate of that player.

The Cardinals have done plenty to leave the door open on Murray. I have no problem with them choosing to meet with Murray during the Combine. It makes sense to do your due diligence when you’ve got the No. 1 pick in the draft and have a new head coach who is offensive-minded. The bigger red flag came when GM Steve Keim gave a less than glowing endorsement of current QB Josh Rosen.

None of this means Murray is definitely the pick, but it certainly gives us reason to wonder what the Cardinals might have up their sleeves.