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NFL salary cap set at $188.2 million for 2019

Cash money.

Fooch’s update: The official salary cap brings with it the official franchise and transition numbers. Robbie Gould’s franchise tag is worth $4,971,000.

The NFL’s new league year gets going on March 13th, and at that point, the new salary cap will be in place. On Friday, we learned that it will be $188.2 million, per NFL Network reporter Ian Rapoport. The league and NFLPA will formally announce it, likely later next week, but we can more or less take this to the bank.

Back in December, the salary cap was estimated to land between $187 million and $191.1 million. Over The Cap has used $190 million as its placeholder number, and that left the San Francisco 49ers with $69,293,622 in cap space for 2019. We can drop that number by $1.8 million, to $67,493,622.

The 49ers will clear more space one several roster moves become official. They will clear $1,075,000 and $2,856,250 when Pierre Garçon and Earl Mitchell, respectively, are officially released. The number already reflects Garry Gilliam’s release and Robbie Gould’s franchise tag tender of $5,162,000.

This adjustment down might effect things along the edges, but for teams like the 49ers that are on the top end of salary cap space, it will have little impact on their decision-making. They are not going to use up all their cap space either way. The bigger issue will be for teams down near the bottom. Most Jacksonville, Philadelphia, Minnesota, Miami, and New Orleans are currently the bottom five in cap space. They can make room, but now they’ll have to make just a little bit more.