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49ers players happy to get fans speculating

The most wonderful time of the offseason.

It’s been a busy week in the NFL, with trades happening, players getting released, and buzz picking up in advance of free agency. The San Francisco 49ers have been rather quiet, but a few of their players are happy to get us speculating about what the team might have planned.

On Sunday, Adrian Colbert sent a tweet to Odell Beckham Jr., and we saw Jerick McKinnon and Jullian Taylor tweeting out comments that would lead us to believe maybe the team is trying to make something happen. It could very well be, and probably is absolutely nothing. But when the rumor mill is starting to pick up around the league, why wouldn’t we get a little excited about it?

The free agency rumors will pick up in earnest Monday afternoon, but in the meantime, thanks to three 49ers players for giving us a reason to think some probably unreasonable thoughts! Enjoy free agency, y’all!