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Report: Cowboys “by no means out” on Earl Thomas

Bring in the SWAT team with the dollar bills

Don’t count the Dallas Cowboys out of landing Earl Thomas yet.

It’s no secret the Seattle Seahawk free agent safety is going to be getting a heck of a payday in the coming days. A payday so large, it may have been out of the price range of the Dallas Cowboys, the initial perceived landing spot for Thomas.

Well, not so fast. Ian Rapoport was on NFL Network to say the Cowboys very much are in the bidding war.

“My understanding is they are by no means out on this at all. I do believe the Rams would have been interested but they sighed Eric Weddle a couple of days ago.”

While the safety talent pool may have become diluted in recent days with all the releases and declined franchise tags, Earl Thomas is the one shining treasure NFL teams will be throwing top-dollar at for. There’s been speculation he’d go to the Cowboys due to his history of growing up there and also how he’s set his children up for school in Austin. In that same post just linked, it’s also been reported that Thomas is has no interest in giving Dallas a hometown discount.

The San Francisco 49ers have one of the best recruiters in Richard Sherman, who played with Thomas with the Seahawks, creating the Legion of Boom. Sherman has made it clear he’d like to have Thomas on the 49ers’ roster but he’s also said Thomas is looking for that last payday.

Thomas turns 30 this year, so this may be the last time he can get a multi-year contract and be one of the higher paid safeties in the league. He tried getting such a deal in 2018, asking the Seahawks to trade him rather than make him play his contract out. There’s a great article/letter penned by him explaining NFL contracts and the business from a player’s point of view.

Welcome to free agency. This is about to get absolutely nuts.