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Report: Trey Flowers signing with Detroit Lions

One of the best edge rushers on the market is headed to Motown.

The San Francisco 49ers need to beef up their edge rushers, but they will not be partaking in one of the biggest names on the market. The Detroit Lions are set to sign defensive end Trey Flowers to a five-year contract that could be worth upwards of $17 million per year, per Adam Schefter.

The 49ers are diving into the market with Kwon Alexander, but the big question right now is how they plan on addressing the pass rush. They likely will add a Nick Bosa or Josh Allen with the No. 2 pick, and even if they trade back, there is considerable pass rush talent in the 2019 NFL Draft. But will they add some veteran experience to mentor a youngster?

Justin Houston is the big name, and he is free and clear to sign whenever he wants given that he was released by the Chiefs. Additionally, the Chiefs have made it clear that Dee Ford is available via trade. The 49ers are reportedly interested in him, and that would certainly be a sizable upgrade.

The 49ers are going to upgrade their pass rush this offseason, but for now we’re left to wait and wonder how and when. My guess is they add some kind of veteran, but on the lower end. Ezekiel Ansah is intriguing given his potential, although his injury history is problematic. He has history with 49ers VP of Player Personnel Martin Mayhew, who was the Lions GM when Detroit drafted Ansah. That would not be the most surprising result.

How do you see it all shaking out?