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Mike McGlinchey makes just over 1⁄4 of what Trent Brown now costs

This is another reason why the 49ers offloaded him.

Trent Brown got PAID. The former San Francisco 49ers right tackle kicked off 2019 free agency with a huge deal going to the Oakland Raiders.

We all knew this was coming.

Brown might go down as one of the best picks Trent Baalke made as a general manager, if not the best pick. Taken in the 7th round, Brown began making a name for himself towards the end of his rookie season and never looked back.

Which is another reason the coaching staff made the moves they did to select Mike McGlinchey and send Brown to the New England Patriots. Sure, Brown was good, and he was going to command money on the market, but his own coaches in Kyle Shanahan couldn’t command his attention. Brown had his lack of conditioning, came to training camps out of shape, and didn’t put in the time Shanahan would have liked.

So with a player that’s a frequent headache and in Brown’s case getting injured, the front office made a decision. They couldn’t pay everyone and Brown struggled with the blocking necessary for Shanahan’s running scheme. Those two things combined meant it was time for a change.

If McGlinchey plays out his four seasons on his rookie deal, he’ll have made just over $18 million. That’s a rough 27 percent of what Brown is getting. Was McGlinchey an upgrade over Brown in ability? Maybe, maybe not. But the 49ers can’t pay everybody, let alone everyone $66 million.

It’s these things that show a competent front office. Sure Brown is great and would be great to have, but given their issues with him and the schematic fit, he’s one of those people the coaching staff had to go with someone cheaper. And while McGlinchey may not be the absolute beast in pass protection, they are getting Brown’s replacement for a bargain price.

Now, as far as people they do have to pay, that DeForest Buckner guy has been working his tail off from what I read...