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Report: 49ers trade 2020 second round pick to Chiefs for Dee Ford; Ford signed to 5-year, $87 million extension

What a day...what a day

Well, that didn’t take long. The San Francisco 49ers were said to be in deep discussions with the Kansas City Chiefs for Dee Ford and it turns out a deal is done. Ian Rapoport confirmed that the deal has been completed.

Chiefs get

The Chiefs are getting a 2020 second round pick. Where that pick will be exactly is dependent on how the 49ers finish. If the 49er win the Super Bowl, it’s at the end of the second round. If they go on injured reserve again, it’s at the beginning of the second round.

49ers get

The 49ers get Kansas City Chiefs pass rusher Dee Ford. Rob Lowder has summed up just how much of a game-changer Ford has been in 2018. The 49ers are in dire need of a pass rusher, and Ford provides a valuable piece to the defensive line. This does not come with concerns. Ford has hit double-digit sacks twice in his five-year career. His third-best season was four sacks. So there is definitely a wild card in production here. Thing to keep in mind is those four sacks were in his second season. His third season was 10, and his fourth season had a mere two, due to being cut short. His 2018 campaign was god-like, but there still is that concern.

Dee Ford gets

Dee Ford gets paid is what he gets. Multiple reports have Dee Ford geting a five-year extension of $87 million. The guarantees haven’t been worked out yet, but that’s some serious coin. He also will be getting a bit of a learning curve. Ford played in a 3-4 the last few years with KC, and the original intent reported was they wanted to move him out of the coming soon, 4-3.

The 49ers run a 4-3.

So Ford isn’t escaping a 4-3 no matter what he does. Ford could be a versatile piece that can be used in some creative ways, if the 49ers desired. The two minute drills in particular will be something to watch. That said, Ford if you’ve seen him in KC, you know he’s got only one job and that’s get to the quarterback.

So what does everyone think of the deal? Does this change how you look at the No. 2 pick?