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Report: 49ers are torn between Quinnen Williams and Nick Bosa

With the trade of Dee Ford, the 49ers have a big decision to make.

The San Francisco 49ers executed a blockbuster trade Tuesday evening, acquiring Kansas City Chiefs pass rusher Dee Ford. Ford gives them that much-needed pass rusher. Which makes their draft decision all the more important, and it sounds like they aren’t sure on who to get.

Walter Football’s Charlie Campbell reports that the 49ers are torn between Ohio State defensive end Nick Bosa and Alabama defensive tackle Quinnen WIlliams. The 49ers hold the No. 2 pick in the draft, so this decision could be made easier if the Arizona Cardinals select one of the two, but Campbell says both are in high regard with the 49ers:

Sources with the 49ers were gushing about Williams. They think he is a rare prospect with an amazing skill set of speed and athleticism. Team sources also like Williams’ makeup as an individual, and they are very high on his immense upside. Team sources were gushing about how Williams dominated in 2018 in only his first season of real playing time. They feel that the sky is the limit for his potential.

With Bosa, their praise was not as effusive. They like him and feel he is probably the safer pick, but they did not talk about him as being as special of a player or athlete like Williams is. The other thing going for Bosa is edge rush is a bigger need than defensive tackle. Defensive end Solomon Thomas has been a massive disappointment in the pass rush department, while defensive tackle DeForest Buckner was superb last year, ripping off 12 sacks in his third season.

Campbell also said the 49ers are open to trading down. They don’t see Kentucky linebacker Josh Allen as a No. 2 prospect and would rather trade down if they were going to select him.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: the 49ers are not getting another chance at this. Williams had a freakish Combine, running a 40 faster than quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo did at his. As high as I’ve been on Bosa, I’m starting to tilt towards Williams after this Ford signing. If Solomon Thomas can step it up then the rich get richer, but with what Williams showed a few weeks ago, It’s beginning to seem like the 49ers should go BPA.

Either is someone to be happy with, but getting WIlliams if the 49ers miss out on Bosa due to Arizona being...well...Arizona, wouldn’t be a disappointment in the slightest.