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Report: 49ers made serious push for Le’Veon Bell

We knew they were getting involved, but for how much we may not know.

Riding on the tail end of Tuesday’s free agency madness, Le’Veon Bell signed a four-year, $61 million contract with the New York Jets. Now that’s a lot of cash, but ESPN’s Jeremy Fowler reports that the San Francisco 49ers were trying to make the decision interesting.

The numbers the 49ers offered hasn’t been revealed as of this writing, but we knew the 49ers were potentially in the market. Given that the 49ers may have stuck in this until the end meant they were willing to make a pretty large offer.

This wouldn’t be near as concerning if it wasn’t for the fact the 49ers signed a running back, Jerick McKinnon, to a lot of money last year. McKinnon is now rehabbing a torn ACL and while the prognosis is good, we won’t know if that’s behind him until he hits the field. They also have Raheem Mostert who was starting to make a name for himself before injuring his forearm.

Even then, the 49ers must have been set on having one of the most deadly backfields in existence. Having McKinnon, Matt Breida, and LeVeon Bell would be amazing, but thats three talented guys who will want to be fed.

With that said, maybe this gives some context:

But thank goodness for Dee Ford.