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Deforest Buckner after the 49ers signed Dee Ford: QBs are going to have a problem

Deforest Buckner seems happy that the team landed a pass-rusher

NFL: San Francisco 49ers at Seattle Seahawks Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

The 49ers have a legitimate edge threat after trading for Dee Ford Tuesday night. Now, they have their own version of thunder and lighting. Ford brings the speed of the edge, and Deforest Buckner brings the muscle up the middle. After the Ford deal was announced, Buckner took to twitter:

He’s not wrong.

Buckner finished with the most pressures of any 49er in 2018 with 29.5, per FootballOutsiders charting. That’s nine more than second place, Cassius Marsh and Arik Armstead. Ford? All he did was finish with 48.5. That was good for second the NFL. The only person with more pressures in the NFL than Ford was Aaron Donald.

More chaos: Buckner finished 10th in the NFL with 17 tackles for loss last year. Ford finished tied for 15th, with 14 tackles for loss. If the two simply perform at the same level as last year, this will be unlike any duo they’ve had in a handful of years. Buckner knows, and he’s having some fun with it.