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Report: 49ers bring Jimmie Ward back for one year, $5 million

Well, good lucky Jimmie.

That’s one more year for Jimmie. Ian Rapoport reports that San Francisco 49ers have brought back their first pick in the 2014 NFL draft to a one-year, $5 million deal. The 49ers were interested in bringing him back, but those injury issues have to be a concern.

Now the question is where they figure Jimmie Ward in for the 2019 season. Ward was quite the quality backup in 2018 and capable of both of the safety and nickel corner positions. The 49ers secondary will be getting healthy again so where they figure to slot Ward will be something to see. Due to injuries he was all over the place last year, and 2019 may not be much different.

There of course is the elephant in the room: Ward’s durability. He’s yet to start a full slate of 16 games, and he’s only gotten through a full season once in his career. Ward averages an estimated 10 games per season before going down and that number needs to go up.

Given the money, this could be a decent “prove-it” year for Ward. The 49ers have someone familiar with Robert Saleh’s defensive scheme and there’s no denying that Ward can play.

It’s just a matter of long they will get him for. Here’s hoping the full season.