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Kyler Murray shines at Pro day

The QB impressed Wednesday at his Pro Day. Could he go #1 overall?

NCAA Football: Oklahoma Pro Day Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Every year a quarterbacks value skyrockets after he workouts with no pads for 45 minutes. Every. Single. Year. It’s clockwork. This year was never going to be any different. With Kyler Murray now fully committed to football, Wednesday was his turn to show the NFL what he can do. Never mind the show Murray put on for four months during the fall.

NFL Network’s Bucky Brooks was there. Here’s what he said:

Kyler Murray’s Pro Day has been pretty impressive to watch. He has A+ arm talent and is an “easy” thrower. KM can make a wide range of throws to every area of the field.. Touch, timing, anticipation, drive throws and feathery tosses. Plus, he’s a A+ athlete..

That was the vibe from just about everyone that was in the building. That Murray put on a show. That’s despite the Cardinals brass not being present. There was a big deal being made that the Cardinals GM & head coach didn’t go. I wouldn’t read too much into that. Last year the Browns GM John Dorsey didn’t attend Baker Mayfield’s Pro Day.

It’s becoming more and more likely that Murray will be the number one overall selection. Vegas usually has a good beat on these things. Here’s how the betting trends have gone for Murray. First, it was just was he going to play baseball or football. Then, it became whether Murray would be drafted in the first round or not. Now Murray is odds on favorite to be selected number one overall.

This is great news for the 49ers. Let’s say a team is in love with Nick Bosa. No, even better. Let’s say Quinnen Williams is the guy. The Lions are smitten with the DT from Alabama. We’ve seen crazier things. So landing Trey Flowers, they want to get the stud DT. They trade up. San Francisco now likely gets an extra first round pick, can move back and still add a pass-rush. Or the Bengals are in love with Haskins and don’t let him get out of the state.

There are just so many good things that can happen with where the 49ers currently sit. Whether Kyler goes first or not.