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49ers make the madness official

The team has announced the signings of Kwon Alexander, the trade of Dee Ford

Many may not have fully processed just what the hell happened these last few days, but the big takeaway is the San Francisco 49ers made some moves in free agency. On Monday, they got Tampa Bay Buccaneer free agent linebacker Kwon Alexander to come aboard and on Tuesday, they dealt a 2020 second round pick for Kansas City Chiefs linebacker Dee Ford. After the trade, they signed Ford to a 5-year, $90 million extension. Because this is free agency and with all the rules that go along with that and the start of the league year, there wasn’t much in the way of if being official. It was pretty obvious, but nothing concrete.

Well, now those two move are official. The 49res have announced both transactions and now the likelihood they blow up are nil. The 49ers have announced the signing of Alexander and the trade for Ford. John Lynch will be holding a press conference Thursday at noon.

On Wednesday the 49ers signed Tevin Coleman to a two-year, $ 10 million deal and also brought back Jimmie Ward for one more year at $5 million. Both signings should be made official later this morning

We’ll see you all for the press conference.