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Former 49er Brock Coyle announces retirement

We wish Brock nothing but the best!

NFL: Seattle Seahawks at San Francisco 49ers Stan Szeto-USA TODAY Sports

Thursday, the San Francisco 49ers released LB Brock Coyle. Not long after that, Coyle announced his retirement on twitter:

“Injuries are a part of this game, and it is a risk all players willingly take when we step onto the field,” Coyle wrote on social media. “Unfortunately, the injury I sustained last season is one that will prevent me from returning to the field again.”

Coyle spent two seasons withe 49ers. Early in 2018, he broke a bone in his back that caused him to missed the rest of the season. Coyle is 28-years old with the rest of his life ahead of him. His health is far more important than the game of football. Coyle would obviously keep playing if he could, but the fact that he’ll be able to fully recover and go on with his life is what really matters here.

Coyle was grateful to the 49ers organization for giving him a chance to continue to play and bringing him back after the 2017 season. I’m sure Coyle is also grateful for the relationships he was able to build during his time in San Francisco. Hopefully, he can continue to carry on with those relationships after his playing career.

Best of luck, Brock!