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Dolphins trade Ryan Tannehill to the Titans; How that impacts the 49ers

Why that could be great news for the 49ers

NFL: Miami Dolphins at Buffalo Bills Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

The Miami Dolphins traded Ryan Tannehill to the Tennesee Titans, per ESPN’s Adam Schefter. It had been rumored that the Dolphins were going to release Tannehill at some point this offseason. Miami held on seeing if they could get anything back for their starting QB. The Dolphins will receive a 2019 seventh-round pick and a 2020 fourth-round pick from the Titans in exchange for Tannehill and a sixth-round pick in 2019.

Maybe Josh Rosen ends up there and everything I’m about to say won’t matter.

But this could be potentially big for the San Francisco 49ers on a couple of fronts. Let’s say Miami is punting 2019 for a QB they’re in love with in 2020. No sane person is going to rely on Brock Osweiler, even if the intention is to lose. At least roll with somebody that is competent. The 49ers would be wise to see if they could get a draft pick for C.J. Beathard or Nick Mullens. Whether that’s a third or fourth pick.

Before you immediately shut that down, think about the trades that go down in the NFL. Every year we are surprised. Mainly, it’s the Patriots. I feel like it’s just because they’re not afraid to ask. If Miami says no, counter or move on. You don’t know until you ask, though.

Okay, the other scenario. Let’s say that Dolphins are infatuated with a QB. Let’s pretend it’s Dwayne Haskins. In general manager Chris Grier’s eyes, Haskins is the second coming of Dan Marino. It’s far-fetched, but you get what I’m saying. To Grier, Haskins is worth moving up and not risking another team has a chance to draft him. That is, once the Arizona Cardinals select Kyler Murray.

The decision then becomes is Nick Bosa so good that you’re going to pass on multiple first round picks? These will be some of the situations that occur. If I’m John Lynch, I’ll take the extra picks all day. It’s a numbers game. Moving down also gives you the opportunity to fill more roster spots. You’re able to do so with more quality picks. If the Dolphins are indeed desperate to move up for a QB, the 49ers would be wise to take full advantage of that.