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Golden Nuggets: 49ers got their free agents

Your San Francisco 49ers links for Saturday, March 15th 2019

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I join some group of people, whoever they are, when I say I love the moves the San Francisco 49ers have made in free agency. I love the Dee Ford trade, I love the Jordan Matthews signing (remember when people were gunning for him a year or two ago?), I love the Tevin Coleman addition, and I even like the Kwon Alexander signing. Are some of these risky? Yes. Are they necessary? You bet.

The 49ers don’t have 11 picks this year. They have just over half that. They are trying to fill the holes. It’s taken three years, but they are almost there to fixing this roster. Offense? Maybe a wide receiver? Maybe a tight end (I state both of those shaking my head with a shrug) I’m satisfied with what we have besides that. Defense? Pass rusher, safety. They got their linebackers (don’t sleep on Elijah Lee), they got their cornerbacks (Jason Verrett will be a STEAL if he can stay healthy). Look at the roster Trent Baalke left and look at it now. Is it Super Bowl ready? Um, no. The achievement this year is 8-8 or a trip to the playoffs. It’s still a very young team. The 49ers now have at least balanced things out. The running backs? You have the same type of player in Coleman/McKinnon/Breida—that’s consistency for the offense and for the playcalls that Kyle Shanahan has, that running game is going to be filthy.

So for the draft: it’s definitely a pass rusher (provided they don’t trade out), a safety, and an offensive tackle/offensive guard. Maybe a punter if the 49ers don’t figure that position out. The roster is getting there.

Again. Look at wht Trent Baalke left this team with and look at how much change has happened. Kyle Shanahan and John Lynch have asked for patience, and they’ve taken two seasons of absolute dumpster fires and kept the team playing hard despite the fact they have nothing to play for. They got the leadership, they are fixing the holes—and they still have some cap space. Now they just need to start winning.

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What a horrible night to have a curse...