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Report: Giants wanted No. 2 pick from 49ers for Odell Beckham Jr., 49ers said no

Now that’s a steep price

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The San Francisco 49ers missed out on the Odell Beckham Jr. sweepstakes, but it may be because John Lynch and company held their ground. Jay Glazer reports that the 49ers were involved several times and it boiled down to the second pick in the draft:

“The 49ers were in several different times. They tried during the season and they tried here in the offseason. Someone with the Giants told me they were asking for the second pick of the draft from the 49ers, which the 49ers weren’t willing to do.”

We’ve all talked about the adequate compensation for OBJ, and several of us have voiced how the No. 2 overall by itself is simply too much. I suggested the 49ers’ second round pick and a swap of firsts. When the details of the trade came out, it was clear I was far too cheap in that regard.

The No. 2 pick is incredibly valuable and giving that away for Beckham, with the contract he has, feels like a bit too lopsided.

The other thing to keep in mind here is the decision making in the 49ers’ front office. They had a shot at OBJ and the Giants tried to get that pick pried from their hands. The 49ers stood their ground. Now did this open up the negotiations with Cleveland? I’m sure something will come out in the future over how all of this went down, but it at least indicates the 49ers front office wasn’t about to give away a draft pick in a trade that would have far favored the Giants over the 49ers.

We also don’t know if there was other parts of the deal. Did the Giants want the No. 2 pick straight up? Or were they willing to send a second/third rounder to the 49ers along with OBJ? There’s more details to come out on what exactly the 49ers offer was and what the Giants wanted in return.