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Report: 49ers talked with Eagles about a trade

And that’s pretty much it.

Well, I guess we can start guessing. Sportsnation’s Vincent Frank dropped this on twitter yesterday:

Nothing really since. The 49ers and Eagles are discussing a trade. Who it is or what it is we have no idea.

So it’s Saturday, anyone want to take a crack at this? Some have suggested it’s running back Jerick McKinnon, and I doubt that. The 49ers would want to see how his injury holds up before they start thinking of getting rid of him, considering he hasn’t played a single snap in the regular season.

Could it be for Solomon Thomas? You never know. Maybe if the trade is executed it leans more that the 49ers are after Quinnen Williams in the 2019 NFL Draft. Thomas being shipped off would leave a hole at defensive tackle.

Whatever the case, drop in on this very vague report and let us know who you think “Mystery Player” would be in this trade.