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Brian Baldinger gives us a positive Kwon Alexander breakdown

It’s a Baldy breakdown on a 49ers player. Everyone wins.

There’s not much I can really go into on this one other than we all know how much we love Brian Baldinger’s “Baldy Breakdowns” on the 49ers. Whether it’s to praise the scheme or call the 49ers the Keystone Cops (insult) Baldinger breaks things down in a manner so succinct, I wish they’d give him a well produced show. Give him a feeder (hell, I’ll do it) and let him go for 30 minutes.

Well, it’s the offseason, but we still have a Baldy Breakdown we can look at. This one is for none other than Kwon Alexander. Baldinger, the floor is yours.

That was two minutes, 20 seconds well spent. The Kwon Alexander is the classic high-risk, high-reward signing. If he can recover from his ACL tear, he could thrive in Saleh’s defensive scheme. If you watch him in the Tampa Bay scheme, it seems at times it’s just not a fit for his abilities, yet he made it work.

The 49ers scheme with Fred Warner could make him into a super star.

Get well, Alexander.