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Frank Gore intends to retire a 49er

We all may not live to see the day due to his durability.

Frank Gore’s NFL career may very well outlive our lives. At 35, he’s going to conitnue playing, this time for the Buffalo Bills. That’s now his third team since leaving the San Francisco 49ers, and when this is all over with, he intends on retiring where this historic career began.

Gore spoke with Damon Bruce on 95.7 the Game and said on no uncertain terms where he’s going to retire:

I’ve been there 10 years. They were the ones to give me the first opportunity to play as a professional. Coming out of college injured, they still gave me that opportunity to get to that level I wanted to get to as a kid. I started there, and I’m going to finish there. When I’m done, when I feel like I’m done, I’m going to come back and retire as a Niner.

Like I said, Frank Gore is still playing at a high level where many running backs are finding their way out of the league. I wouldn’t be surprised if his NFL career goes longer than most of our lifespans—and that is half a joke and half being serious.

Some think the whole one-day signing and retiring is a bit overblown, but for someone like Gore, I get the impression that retiring as a 49er means a lot to him. Gore’s time in Buffalo will be something to watch. He finished the 2018 season ranked fourth all-time with 14,748 rushing yards, and is 521 yards back of Barry Sanders for third all-time.

He doesn’t need any more reasons to go to Canton, now these seasons just polish that bust he’ll get.