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49ers’ Richard Sherman calls out report saying players and agents are at odds for a new CBA

Sherm has never been one to hold his tongue

NFL: San Francisco 49ers at Los Angeles Rams Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Richard Sherman is a fascinating human being. Not a football player, but a human being. Sherman has never been one to hold his tongue on his thoughts. No matter what they relate to. It’s refreshing. You may not have always agreed with what he had to say, but it’s always made you think. There’s nothing wrong with different point of views. That’s what makes him fascinating.

Sunday in the Twitter world, Sherman called out PFT’s report that agents and players are at a “squabbling” to agree on a new CBA:

On one side of the coin, everyone knows the headline is to reel the reader in. On the other side of the coin, especially for Sherman being present, it’s easy to understand how this headline could get under your skin.

The conversation continued, as did the Jabs.

If you thought this was the last exchange, it was Sunday morning. Sherm had time on his hands, as did PFT.

The argument continued in the comments. PFT has a vested interest in the agents. Sherman obviously wants what is best for the players. If you check out the replies, Sherman has solid points as always.

This leads into the CBA and the issues it presents. Of course everything isn’t sunshine and rainbows in these meetings. That’s what stemmed Sherman’s initial reaction.