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Report: Giants wanted 49ers Deforest Buckner in Odell Beckham Jr. trade

Anddddd that’s where the trade talks reached a stalemate

NFL: Seattle Seahawks at San Francisco 49ers Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

On Monday morning, the New York Giant’s GM Dave Gettleman spoke to the media for the first time since trading star WR Odell Beckham Jr. Gettleman said that the Giants had numerous conversations with San Francisco, but the two teams couldn’t come to an agreement. That had us wondering, what exactly did the Giants want in return for OBJ?

According to Peter King, they wanted the 49ers best player. No big deal. Here is an excerpt of what King said:

Because Beckham’s stock had been tarnished, it’s doubtful, for example, that he could have fetched better than 17-95-Peppers from the 49ers for picks and/or a player in the next two drafts. The Niners have been sniffing around Beckham for months. But they’re just not a good match right now. The Giants need high picks and/or productive players. The Niners wouldn’t have wanted to trade a high pick this year or next plus rising star defensive tackle DeForest Buckner … and the Giants might not have wanted to settle, say, for next year’s first-rounder and this year’s second-rounder (36th overall) plus a lesser player than Buckner (say safety Jaquiski Tartt). The Giants need help now. So Gettleman took the bird in the hand. He lanced the boil.

So, the Giants wanted “two” first round picks. Basically a player that was recently drafted in the first round or a player that can perform like a first rounder. This years top pick would’ve been rich, even for a stud like Beckham Jr. Next years first would make sense, though. Perhaps that just wasn’t enough for New York.

Imagine the outrage on this site if the team had traded Buckner. That just doesn’t make sense. Beckham is an incredible player, but you don’t let go of a guy that is everything to your defense. The Niners were wise to stay away from that deal. You have to imagine Tartt’s injury history played a big factor in this, if he was indeed the other piece of the puzzle to this deal. There’s not really any other player on the back end that has enough value.

What could the other offers have been? Knowing that the Giants clearly coveted a secondary player to replace Landon Collins. But if the deal was only happening with DeFo leave, no thanks.