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Golden Nuggets: Giants may have wanted Buckner

Your San Francisco 49ers links for Tuesday, March 19th 2019

I’m really curious what happened during this whole Odell Beckham Jr./New York Giants/San Francisco 49ers fiasco. It seems now that the Giants wanted DeForest Buckner for OBJ. No, that’s not how it works. Straight across it makes sense, one quality player for another, but offloading Buckner would have made the 49ers take a step backwards. There are arguments to say Buckner may have been the better offer than OBJ.

I’m not sure on that argument, but Buckner certainly was cheaper. He also wasn’t someone who had issues with the locker room or called out his coaches. There’s no way the 49ers were giving him up. Not on his rookie deal with two years to go.

I’m sure more on the deal should be made apparent in the future and how the Giants went with Cleveland’s offer, but the what the compensation was along with that No. 2 pick is where I’m curious.

Meanwhile, what exactly are the Giants doing? I’m trying to find some method to their acquisitions and trades and can’t put my finger on any of it. I really think the trade would have hurt the 49ers, especially with where they are picking. Hopefully my man Kendrick Bourne can make things up and take a big step in Year 3.

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