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Report: Richard Sherman, 49ers, have mutual interest to continue

If there were any doubts.

Uncle Sherm will get to do it all over again. The San Francisco 49ers have Richard Sherman signed to a three-year deal but the last thing either side wants is some dissension. It looks like we won’t need to worry about that. ESPN’s Josina Anderson reports both sides are in agreement to keep the marriage going into 2019.

This isn’t too shocking. There were some thoughts that Sherman would have been a trade candidate in 2018 before the trade deadline, but he said he knew what he was getting into. Earlier in the season, Sherman explained to the Athletic’s David Lombardi he and the 49ers had a long-term plan and he would have signed a one-year deal otherwise.

Sherman has no guaranteed money in 2019, and his $2 million salary in 2018 goes up to $7 million for 2019. If the 49ers needed to save some money, they could cut Sherman and would only take a $2 million hit in dead money.

Keeping Sherman around is beneficial on so many levels beyond his productivity. Sherman provides veteran leadership and isn’t afraid to hold the younger players accountable as they adjust to Robert Saleh’s complicated defensive scheme. Sherman also came on to mentor several at-risk players such as Reuben Foster, showing up at Foster’s court date days after being signed to the team.

For his leadership and coaching ability, Sherman is an absolute bargain at $7 million. He hasn’t been too shabby as a cornerback either. The 49ers will need to get competition in at the cornerback position in 2019. Ahkello Witherspoon went from up-and-coming to hot & cold at best and they have several other young pieces that are still figuring the position out. The 49ers need Sherman.

And Sherman needs to beat the Seahawks twice a year.