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NFL reporter: People starting to believe ‘almost universally’ Cardinals will draft Kyler Murray

It might be group-think, but if not, this is huge for the 49ers.

We’ve joked at times about the Arizona Cardinals potentially drafting Oklahoma quarterback Kyler Murray, but it might be developing into a real possibility. There appears to be a growing buzz around the Cardinals and Murray. Matt Maiocco tweeted about it on Friday, and NFL Network reporter Kim Jones was even more forceful in her statement Saturday morning.

Murray is not throwing at the Combine, saving that for his Pro Day later this month. However, he was measured and examined, and checked some boxes when he was a shade over 5’10 and weighed three more pounds than Russell Wilson. It can seem silly that these are the things that matter, but it is what it is.

What do we make of the buzz at this point? The Cardinals could legitimately like Murray with the No. 1 pick. However, my concern at an event like the NFL Combine is the group-think that potentially emerges as people hear something and pass it along. We have no idea who is creating this buzz and so we’re left with an incomplete picture.

That being said, if the Cardinals do take Murray with the top pick, the 49ers will be in an ideal position. They could take Nick Bosa (or whomever else might be No. 1 on their big board). They could also move back in the draft if another team decides they cannot afford losing out on Ohio State quarterback Dwayne Haskins. I’d love an impact player at No. 2, but if they can acquire a haul of draft picks to move back in the first round, I am all for it. The draft is an imperfect science, so adding more picks to draft players can boost your odds of landing better talent.

We still have two more months of this before any real resolution. The Cardinals have not done much to quiet the rumors and so for the time being, we wait and wonder where this might go — all while sifting through the numerous rumors and buzz we’ll hear until Thursday, April 25th.