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Report: Three teams are interested in Antonio Brown, 49ers aren’t one of them

Antonio Brown Watch is coming to a close.

Antonio Brown Watch may be hitting its swan song of sorts, at least as far as San Francisco 49ers fans are concerned. ESPN’s Adam Schefter reports that there are in fact three teams pushing for Brown and the 49ers are not one of them. The teams? The Oakland Raiders, Washington, and the Tennessee Titans.

This doesn’t rule the 49ers out completely, as Schefter says ‘other teams’ have had conversations with the Pittsburgh Steelers:

Other teams have had conversations with the Pittsburgh Steelers, and another could emerge. But the belief as of now is that the Raiders, Redskins and Titans are the most likely landing spots, sources said.

Are the 49ers that ‘other?’ Doubtful. Brown’s actions as of late have done nothing but hurt his trade value, up to the point the Steelers themselves had to try to get him under control. The 49ers also have confirmed they have not reached out about Brown.

At this point, it’s hard to see the 49ers giving up what the Steelers demand to ship Brown off, and when there’s three teams in front getting aggressive, it’s even harder to see.

Now, as far as those three teams are concerned, let’s talk about that.

The Raiders are just laughable at this point. The Steelers want a first round pick. What a coincidence! Raiders just traded wide receiver Amari Cooper for a first round pick. They gave up a younger wide receiver and would turn around and go get a wide receiver with just a few more years left? You can say what you want about Amari Cooper, but the thinking process in this is rather amusing. Also, Oakland is AFC, and the Steelers don’t want any part of that.

The Tennessee Titans, seems like a good spot. They need a wide receiver, they have a quarterback who needs a wide receiver like Brown, but they don’t have much else besides Delanie Walker. There’s also the issue of the AFC, which, along with Oakland puts them a peg behind.

You know who isn’t AFC? Washington. They may or may not have Alex Smith back for 2019, but they got some decent running backs, a good tight end duo, and Smith when healthy is very underrated. Of the three, Washington would make the most sense for the Steelers and for their personnel.

But the 49ers are not involved yet. Right now after what we’ve seen out of Brown Mr. Big Chest, do you wish they were?