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Nick Bosa meeting with 49ers tonight

What do you think Bosa orders to eat?

NFL: New York Giants at Dallas Cowboys Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

Ohio State’s pro day is today. Like at Alabama, the Buckeyes are full of prospects. Nick Bosa is the obvious fit at number two. But the team could be interested in one of their receivers later on in the draft, or a lesser known player. Somebody always seems to emerge from these big schools in the NFL.

The San Francisco 49ers contingent, including GM John Lynch and VP of player personnel Adam Peters, are at Ohio State’s pro day. They are planning to meet up with Nick Bosa for a late lunch. It doesn’t end there, though. According to Albert Breer of, the Ohio State defensive end is meeting and having dinner with the 49ers tonight. Bosa getting two meals out of this is the real pro move here.

At first I’m wondering what else could they want to know from Bosa that they already don’t. Then I remember how much they are investing in the kid and taking advantage of every opportunity to meet with Bosa and pick his brain makes plenty of sense. Knowing the person is just as important as knowing the player. From a player standpoint, it’s tough to find a better fit than Bosa for the Niners.

It’s no lock that the Arizona Cardinals are taking QB Kyler Murray. They still have to figure out a landing spot for QB Josh Rosen. If they can’t, then the Cardinals could snag Bosa. That’s when it gets interesting for the 49ers.