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49ers hire Dustin Little as head athletic trainer

The revamp of strength and conditioning continues

The San Francisco 49ers were active on Tuesday, getting their punter problem fixed as well as addressing their strength and conditioning revamp. They announced the hiring of Dustin Little as head athletic trainer. Little fills the vacancy left from Jeff Ferguson, whom the team fired in January. Ray Wright, head of strength and conditioning was also let go.

Little comes from the Denver Broncos, where he spent five years in various roles. His most recent being director of rehabilitation/assistant athletic trainer.

The 49ers spent 2018 inundated with injuries. Some, such as the ACL tears to running back Jerick McKinnon and quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo may have not been avoidable. Others, such as the numerous dings and players being “too tight” as Kyle Shanahan says.

They hired Ben Peterson as the head of player health and performance several weeks ago, in an effort to blend both the training and medical staff. Little will work closely with Peterson as the 49ers attempt to revamp their approach to sports science.