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John Lynch: Free agency work set 49ers up for NFL draft

To Bosa or to Williams?

NFL: Seattle Seahawks at San Francisco 49ers Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

There has been a lot of talk about the needs on the San Francisco 49ers roster that have yet to be addressed. General manager John Lynch spoke about how the team used free agency to set themselves up for the draft:

“In terms of what we did, it gave us flexibility,” Lynch told NBC Sports Bay Area on Wednesday at Ohio State’s Pro Day. “We had some ideas of areas where we had to get better. And what we did gave us flexibility to just focus on going out and getting the best player available, particularly with that top spot, regardless of the position.”

Man. How do you read that and not think Alabama’s Quinnen Williams? Initially, at least. Then again, Ohio State’s Nick Bosa could very well be the best player in the draft to the 49ers. Lynch may feel that way. If you really want to reach for something, Lynch said Williams is a “great” kid. He also said Bosa is a “good” kid. That’s just being extreme, though.

This could also mean that based on the signing of Dee Ford, the team could be prepared in the event they trade back. There still should be a very good edge rusher available in the top 10, but the drop off is steep after Williams at defensive tackle. Ed Oliver is good, not great. Jeffrey Simmons tore his ACL.

When you read that Lynch quote, what was your takeaway?