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Jerry rice to Jordan Matthews: Tell yourself you’re the best person there

Jerry Rice has some advice for his nephew

NFL: NFC Divisional Playoff-Philadelphia Eagles at New Orleans Saints Chuck Cook-USA TODAY Sports

It’s barely been a week since the San Francisco 49ers signed Jordan Matthews, and here we are again talking about how he’s related to Niners legend Jerry Rice. Matthews spoke about the advice Uncle Jerry gave him when Matthews first came into the league:

“When I was coming out for the draft, I got in touch with him and said ‘what’s the best advice you can give me going into the draft, Combine, Senior Bowl?’” Matthews asked to Rice. “He said ‘everywhere you go, tell yourself you’re the best person there and that you’re supposed to be there.’ And that’s what I did. I can (still) use that advice in Year 5.”

When he was first signed, Matthews also spoke about how with the Philadelphia Eagles last year, he made the most of every opportunity. Matthews expects to get a lot more touches with San Francisco. Matthews would have been a top five WR using Football Outsiders DVOA in 2018. He didn’t qualify because he didn’t have enough passes.

He is a big possession receiver, that shows off his athleticism when the ball is in the air and after the catch. Matthews is primarily a slot receiver. Watching the Eagles game when they were in London playing the Jacksonville Jaguars gives you a clue of what Matthews can do. That game he had four catches for 93 yards. Both of those were season highs. Matthews had a couple of big plays down the field. Carson Wentz gave Matthews a chance and Matthews came down with the pass. Matthews was also able to run show off his speed after the catch on one of those passes.