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WR Kendrick Bourne wants to see Nick Bosa in a 49ers uniform

Bosa would be the icing on the cake

NFL: Chicago Bears at San Francisco 49ers Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

We have reached the point where even the San Francisco 49ers are chiming in about who they want the team to select at number two in the upcoming draft. Wide receiver Kendrick Bourne was not shy about letting us know that he is a Nick Bosa fan and what it would it mean for the defense.

Deforest Buckner finished with 12 sacks last year. He’s a wrecking ball that is going to go through you whether you like it or not. Dee Ford had 13 sacks last year. He is the speed guy off the edge the Niners desperately needed to complement Buckner. Adding a third piece is still necessary as well. Bosa can be that guy. With Ford and Buckner, there’s no pressure for Bosa to come in and be an immediate star. Don’t get me wrong, he will still have expectations to perform. He will.

I wonder how guys like Arik Armstead, Solomon Thomas, Rondald Blair, or other players on the roster feel when they see their own teammates asking for reinforcements.