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Trent Taylor switching to No. 15

Probably because a certain other wide receiver is getting that jersey retired.

Pat’s update: Don’t rule out the fact Jordan Mathews may don the 81 and the 49ers don’t retire it.

With the announcement of Terrell Owens going into the San Francisco 49ers Hall of Fame, it goes without saying his jersey number may get retired as well. Just one problem, 49ers wide receiver Trent Taylor is wearing the number.

Not to worry, Taylor already announced Thursday what his new number will be:

So No. 15 will be Trent Taylor’s frequency now. He wore the No. 81 since coming to the 49ers but it doesn’t sound like he’s too disappointed in the change.

Given that Terrell Owens is going into the 49ers Hall of Fame, it’s a safe bet that No. 81 will not be worn for quite some time. I don’t say “ever again” because we’ve seen several situations where a retired jersey has gone back into active play. It typically revolves around the owner giving permission.

Right now, though. Look for No. 15 when you look for Trent Taylor. You won’t be seeing a 49er wearing No. 81 catching passes anytime soon. For those curious, the last name of note to don the No. 15 was Michael Crabtree. Pierre Garcon.

As for this guy who bought a No. 81 jersey: