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Golden Nuggets: Bosa or balanced defence?

San Francisco 49ers links for Friday March 22, 2019

New York Giants v San Francisco 49ers Photo by Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images

The Bosa vs Williams arguments have continually repeated themselves several times per day for months until they have begun to remind me of when I use to visit a friend who had Alzheimer’s. I would usually find him in the common room watching television and the discussion between the patients were somewhat groundhog day like. Something would key one patient to say something and then the other patients would then automatically repeat their piece of the conversation verbatim from a few minutes earlier with none of them having any idea they had had that same exact conversation only minutes before. Perhaps you will not agree with the following ideas but at least they give us a few minutes of relief before the next Bosa/ Williams debate begins.I like exploring different concepts and I will probably come up with plenty more between now and the draft so if you don’t agree with this idea just wait a couple of days before I come up with the next one.

Everyone is so focused on us picking either Nick Bosa or Quinnen Williams in the draft but what if we didn’t pick either. What if the 49ers are fine with Dee Ford as their demon pass rusher and would be willing to settle for a designated pass rusher or two on days two and three? We have already upgraded our defensive line so much by signing Ford in free agency, do we really need to use the #2 pick when we have other important positions to fill?

I know John Lynch came out yesterday with how much he likes our safeties and how much he likes Jimmy Ward in particular. Right; sure, whatever, that must be why he only offered Ward a one year contract? He also said the 49ers plan to take the best available player at number two but, like Levin T Black says in his article below,” it is the time for smoke screens, misdirection and flat out lies. It is the period between the combine and the draft when front offices try to play mind games with one another.” So what if it really is all a smoke screen?

What if we traded down with the New York Giants instead? Perhaps they really do want Haskins and are willing to trade their #6 and #17 picks along with a fourth round pick for our #2? Perhaps we select Greedy Williams with the #6 pick. It is not a great year for corner backs so, if we want one, we better get them early. I know we signed Jason Verrett in free agency but he is on a one year prove it contract and the result will be either he stays healthy, proves himself, and wants to get paid or he gets injured once again and has no impact. We also have Ahkello Witherspoon and Tarvarius Moore but do we really gamble the 2019 season on them improving from last year?

What if we don’t believe John Lynch’s love for Jimmy Ward? What if it is just smoke and mirrors to keep other teams from knowing we are interested in Nasir Adderley and we draft him at #17? I know a lot of people are going to say we are over drafting Adderley but, if he is as good as advertised, do you really want to take the chance of missing out on him when that position is so important in our cover three? He may not be the second coming of Earl Thomas but he should still be able to fill the role nicely for years to come.

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