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49ers and Santa Clara are fighting over a floor polishing bill

Why can’t we all just get along?

The San Francisco 49ers eternal battle over Levi’s Stadium with the city of Santa Clara may never end. Whether it’s parking, fulfilling agreements, or arguing rent costs, the 49ers and the city of Santa Clara just can’t play nice. Since its construction, Levi’s Stadium has caused all sorts of problems for this relationship.

Well, add a disagreement about floor polishing to this never-ending battle. The San Francisco Chronicle’s Melia Russell reports that the 49ers sent the city a bill concerning polishing the concrete floors at Levi’s Stadium. A bill that led to a grand total of $643,568. Just one problem: they didn’t get the city’s permission before said polishing. This of course is leading to the city saying it’s a violation the contract they have with the 49ers.

Meanwhile, the 49ers said it was “a dispute regarding paperwork.”

The thing is, since there’s so much history in this near-toxic relationship, that may be why the city is grinding their heels against this invoice—just because of the history. Russell talked to a Stanford University professor who said this would be a non-issue anywhere else:

“Normally, this is not something you would get in a battle about,” said Roger Noll, professor of economics emeritus at Stanford University and an expert on the economics of sports. “The reason they’re having a fight about it instead of just having a meeting is because the well has already been poisoned between them.”

It’s pretty easy to think this paperwork dispute is just a misunderstanding, but since the 49ers and the city are trading haymakers whenever possible, this is just yet another reason for one party to make life difficult for the other.

This won’t be the last back and forth these two have. These disagreements could continue for the life of Levi’s Stadium, however long or short that may be.