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It’s another mock draft with the usual suspects

It’s just a matter of Quinnen Williams or Nick Bosa as far as the 49ers are concerned.

NFL: Combine Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

I know. Some of you are getting tired of these mock drafts doing the same thing over and over again. But the debate. Must. Rage. ON!

Who should the San Francisco 49ers take? Nick Bosa or Quinnen Williams? Is Kyler Murray really going to a team that took a quarterback in the first round a year ago? This argument can continue. The good news is we’re a month and a day away from the NFL draft where these debates can finally be put to rest.

Today’s mock draft comes from none other than where Conor Orr does his first draft of the season. I know what you’re thinking: Oklahoma quarterback Kyler Murray to the Arizona Cardinals, Ohio State defensive end Nick Bosa to the 49ers.

Yep, you’re right. There some differences, but we’ll get to this in a second. Here’s what Orr said about Murray going to the 49ers:

The league’s worst subterfuge campaign comes to an end. Angry Josh Rosen is free to Instagram himself with a new team and the Cardinals will start over in one of the most epic direction shifts in modern NFL history. Murray throws well, doesn’t seem to get rattled in tight spots (personally, I thought he was still making some heady directional throws late in that Alabama loss) and will almost certainly require a full-time spy on defense.

And here’s what he said about Bosa going to the 49ers:

I really wanted to put Quinnen Williams here, but that would be a reaction to how the 49ers’ defense played a year ago. I also don’t want the Dee Ford deal to impact my thinking too much. Bosa is so good that other teams would gameplan around the inevitability that he’d destroy their offensive tackle or tight end. There’s a spot for him somewhere, despite the fact that San Francisco is heavily invested in defensive line talent already (DeForest Buckner, Soloman [sic] Thomas and DeForest Buckner).

Another determining factor here may end up being the division around them. Twice a year, they’ll get an Air Raid Cardinals offense with either a rookie or second-year quarterback, Sean McVay, and a Seahawks team with a quarterback who utilizes the outer edges of the pocket better than just about anyone in football. Bosa helps you with all of that.

The Quinnen Williams/Nick Bosa debate is never going to end. Well, at least for another month and a day. The one thing to take from this is this point about the addition of Dee Ford. The 49ers 2019 defensive line will not be the 2018 defensive line. If it is, that says that Robert Saleh isn’t much of a defensive coordinator. Even if Ford were to regress, the pass rush should still improve. If the 49ers add either one of those guys, to what has already been an retooled defensive line, the possibilities are endless. It’s just a matter of if they want to roll with Solomon Thomas or not.

The interesting part of this draft was the fact that a couple Day 2 prospects went in the first round. Arizona State wide receiver N’Keal Harry, whom some are getting excited over, goes to the Green Bay packers at No. 30 (just what Aaron Rodgers needs: another wide receiver). Then there’s Washington safety Taylor Rapp, someone who was available in yesterday’s mock draft past the 49ers second round pick, going at No. 31 to the Los Angeles Rams.

At this point, I’m probably more concerned about how everything shakes up after the 49ers first pick so we can get an idea of who they take with their second rounder.

But for now, continue the Bosa/Williams debate.