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Which non-49ers team are you most intrigued by after free agency?

There’s one team I can think of.

It’s safe to say that when the 49ers are bringing in the likes of Chris Gragg for a workout that their role in getting the big names of NFL free agency is over for 2019. Now it’s a matter of getting bodies to pad out the 90-man roster. Gragg doesn’t seem like a bad option when you factor in depth behind George Kittle, but the writing is on the wall.

The 49ers have transformed the defensive line with their trade for Dee Ford and added some great running back depth with Tevin Coleman, but what about the rest of the NFL?

The Los Angeles Rams are trying to reload and get themselves back, but their activity in 2019 pales in comparison to the glitter and glam Los Angeles had the year prior. They managed to make a few additions, but you aren’t dropping your mouth and saying “H-how?!” this year.

The Cleveland Browns have become one of the most intriguing teams ever. I remember years back when Jim Harbaugh arrived to coach and the 49ers started winning when a Cleveland radio team said “Why can’t we ever have that fun transformation like San Francisco is having?” The Browns have Baker Mayfield, Odell Beckham Jr., a great running back in Nick Chubb and a few first round picks—they finally get to have that fun. However Freddie Kitchens works out as a head coach, I don’t know, but there really is no excuse for the Browns to not be the Browns in 2019.

The Oakland Raiders are a bit confusing, but I’m interested in seeing what they can come up with after all the trades and free agent signings. Getting Antonio Brown and Trent Brown helps. After all the crazy things that happened in 2018, beginning with the trade of Khalil Mack, I’m interested in seeing what happens to the Raiders.

How about you? Is there anyone you are interested seeing in action for 2019?