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Watch Jimmy G in his first start as a 49er

Let’s dig these gems back out.

It’s a slow, slow Monday afternoon so I took to YouTube to find something, anything that we could use in order to enjoy.

Then I found Jimmy G.

Anyone else remember his first start against the Chicago Bears? Well it happened after this. Then he got slotted in as the starter. Was it one of his best performances? Not really, but he did show us the comeback and quick striking magic of Jimmy G that we hoped we could have seen in 2018.

I found a few others of these that I’ll bring up when things get slow again, but for now, enjoy this gem. Also enjoy it for the fact that Robbie Gould was able to get revenge on his former team. It lead to an emotional moment after the 49ers won.

Keep in mind, the DMCA biscuits are probably running around keeping us from watching the video here, so go here to watch it in full.