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4th and 15 onside kick rule might pass

Only one dissenter in the voting

The NFL Competition committee will be voting this week’s on changes to the 2019 season and we have an idea of one rule that may get implemented. One of the rule changes would change an onside kick to a 4th and 15. According to reports, New York Giants owner John Mara said he was the only member of the committee opposed to the proposal.

The new rule would give teams the option to not kick off after scoring in the fourth quarter. They are then put into a 4th and 15 situation on their own 35-yard line. If the team converts, they keep the ball. According to Mara, the competition committee likes the idea.

When asked about the rule, Mara told reporters, “What are we, the Arena Football League?”

Kickoffs themselves may move to this model as time goes on. What would be different from a kickoff and this 4th and 15 would be something to watch.

What are your thoughts on this rule change? Do you think it makes the game more exciting in the fourth quarter or do you think it it’s an unnecessary change that may ruin the experience in the final moments?