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Is there a player you haven’t seen mocked to 49ers that you’d take at No. 2?

We’ve been deep in mock drafts, but the problem with 2019 is there hasn’t been much variety. Despite the addition of Dee Ford, the San Francisco 49ers still need an edge rusher. It’s pretty doubtful they take Ole Miss wide receiver D.K. Metcalf or LSU linebacker Devin White at No. 2 but it could be a possibility.

Until things are different, the general scenario is the Arizona Cardinals will take Oklahoma quarterback Kyler Murray and the 49ers have a decision to make between Quinnen Williams and Nick Bosa. Josh Allen, who was mocked to the team when this madness began, was seen as a dark horse, but now is not hitting the team in many mock drafts. And we’ve looked at a lot of them.

Between the two, if the Cardinals decide to take a pass rusher, I see Nick Bosa being available at No. 2. The Cardinals need interior help more than they need edge help and Williams edges out Bosa in that regard. If the Cardinals took Bosa, it might make the 49ers more open to a trade back and make things less expensive for a suitor.

Or, maybe they go in an entirely different direction.

Is there any player that you’d be happy with the 49ers taking second overall? I really don’t know if I’d be satisfied with anyone until I saw the performance on the field, and the front office would have some explaining to do on the decision making process. If the 49ers took Houston DT Ed Oliver, it’d be interesting, but then they’d have to figure out what to do with Solomon Thomas. Iowa tight end T.J. Hockenson, is also an interesting pick. The 49ers would have two Iowa tight ends running things with the offense and making defenses have absolute fits. It’d spell the end of Garrett Celek, but it’s an intriguing option.

If we’re talking combine numbers, D.K. Metcalf is another player that is an absolute physical freak. I’d be interested in seeing him in a Kyle Shanahan offense with the possibility of Julio Jones numbers.

Any of these players sounds good, but it’s also going to make me do a double take at my TV not unlike the announcement of A.J. Jenkins getting drafted.

Is there anyone you’d be interested in at No. 2?