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Trent Taylor wants to help owners of his old No. 81 jersey upgrade to No. 15

The 49ers wide receiver is trying to help out anyone who bought his old number by getting them current

NFL: Denver Broncos at San Francisco 49ers Stan Szeto-USA TODAY Sports

Last week, Trent Taylor announced he’d be dropping the No. 81 and going to No. 15. As he said on his Instagram, it was closer to his college number. It doesn’t seem like the change has anything to do with Terrell Owens getting inducted into 49ers Hall of Fame, and they haven’t released jersey info on if Jordan Matthews will take it instead.

In any case, several fans may have dropped $100+ on a Taylor jersey with the old number. And a jersey with an old number is like wearing clothes out of style. It’s like people who bought the Michael Jordan No. 45 jerseys only to have something useless and on bargain bins when he went back to No. 23.

Luckily, Taylor is here to help. He’s going to do his best to upgrade any jerseys that are No. 81 with his new No. 15. Here’s what you need to do (the tweet is below).

1: Take a picture of you in the the jersey. You can’t just have the jersey, you must take a picture in the jersey.

2: Tag him in it (@trent5taylor) or use the hashtag #Taylor15

From there, Taylor will try take care of things. Seems like there’s no guarantees here, but it’s worth a shot.