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Is there a player in the draft that the 49ers should trade back into the 1st round for?

Packaging a trade for a 4th round and maybe Solomon Thomas to move up?

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The San Francisco 49ers are in a great position for the upcoming 2019 NFL Draft. Sitting pretty holding the number two overall pick. There’s a really good chance they come away with an even better player. Let’s say they get a great player at number two overall. Let’s also say pick 28 or 29 rolls around—and for whatever reasons—another great player is sitting there. We see it everywhere. Team are constantly trading back into the first. If there are still scars from this topic, I understand. We’re past that now, though. Let’s talk about what the compensation would be.

Only if the price is right

There was one trade that back into the first round of the 2018 draft. That should give us a good idea of how much draft capital the 49ers would have to give up. The Baltimore Ravens traded back into the first round with the Philadelphia Eagles. The Ravens traded their 52nd pick in the second round, their 125th pick— that’s a fourth rounder—and their 2019 second round pick for the Eagles 32nd and fourth round picks. So essentially swapping picks and Philly gets an extra second rounder.

Instead of 20 spots I’m talking like seven—maybe eight— max. Using this trade value chart—not saying these are 100% accurate—this would mean the team surrenders their fourth round pick.

Who is that valuable?

The question then becomes, who is worth it. I would say moving up that many spots for a fourth is a no-brainer. It would likely cost more than that, so let’s say it costs you another day three pick. Wait—even better—you have a nice trade chip in Solomon Thomas, why not use that to your advantage? Especially if the 49ers staff feels like it’ll be tough to get enough snaps for Thomas. It would make sense to flip him for a player that they feel could come in and be an impact player.

In 2018, it was Derwin James that everyone in the world wanted to know why he fell to 17 overall. In 2017, Dalvin Cook fell all the way to the 40’s and nobody could quite understand why. In 2016, Chris Jones fell to the 30’s. I thought the only interior defensive lineman that was better than Jones was some guy named Deforest Buckner. Really good players fall every year.

3 Possible players to fall

  • CB LSU Greedy Williams-I keep seeing Williams fall to the middle of the 20’s in mocks.
  • Nasir Adderley-This is the range he’s expected to go. Perhaps this is their draft crush at the position?
  • Non DK Metcalf WR-The late first round is likely where the “rest” of the wide receivers will come off the board. If the 49ers have their guy, they could make a move back into the 20’s.

Some very talented players will naturally get pushed down the draft. So the question is who will it be this year and will they be enough of an impact player to entice the Niners to move up?