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Vikings CB Xavier Rhodes is unhappy; should the 49ers trade for him?

The relationship looks like it’s over in Minnesota. Is Rhodes worth the money?

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There are a good amount of fans that think the team should still add another cornerback. As of now, Kyle Shanahan said that Jason Verrett, Ahkello Witherspoon, and Tarvarius Moore will compete for the starting spot opposite of Richard Sherman. The question for the San Francisco 49ers becomes, can they do better? Should they do better? You never can have enough good players on the roster. Especially considering the injuries the team suffered in 2018.

What makes the decision so difficult is it’s not just as cut and dry as adding one player. You have to ask yourself a handful of questions. Is he worth stunting the development of Witherspoon? How confident am I in Verrett’s Health? Has Moore shown enough? That’s before we get to bringing in the actual player. So, let’s talk about the player.

The Rhodes may be open

In Minnesota land, there has been some noise that CB Xavier Rhodes isn’t happy. That’s because his head coach Mike Zimmer called Rhodes out for his play:

“I just don’t think he played as well as he can play,” Zimmer said, via the Minneapolis Star Tribune. “He needs to play up to his ability level. We’re paying him a lot of money. He needs to play up to that contract.”

That sounds like a coach trying to fire up his guy. It also could be a coach that’s over it. According to Albert Breer of Sports Illustrated, teams have been calling the Minnesota Vikings for both Rhodes and Trae Waynes for weeks. From a what the 49ers covet and want to do on defense, Rhodes is a much better fit than Waynes. Rhodes is a 6’1 corner—with gangly arms—but is physical and can really run.

Rhodes had a down year in 2018. That happens. He’s a 28-year old that has made the Pro Bowl twice. Rhodes has also perennially been in the upper echelon of corners in the league. Rhodes isn’t hiding the fact that he’s not happy. Now comes the valuation part. The talent is there. Is Rhodes worth the contract?

Pretty Penny

In 2017, Rhodes signed a $63 million contract. $28 million of that is guaranteed. His 2019 base salary of $10.4 million just came fully guaranteed on March 15. If the team offered Roby a similar one-year, $10 million contract, perhaps they view Rhodes as the same quality of player. The difference here is you have to give up draft capital.

The Vikings clearly are unhappy with Rhodes. Zimmer said that he doesn’t think Rhodes has played up to his contract after a down year. Rhodes feels disrespected. This is the perfect time to call and ask. I feel like this is how every Patriot trade ends up. So why can’t John Lynch call Vikings GM Rick Spielman and see what he can get for Rhodes? I’d offer a third next year and this years fourth round pick. The top three picks of this year are too valuable.

If you truly believe the Niners will be competent next year, those picks will lose value. I’m not so sure Rhodes is worth either two of the top picks the 49ers have. If there was some sort of swap involved with this years third round picks, I would be willing to do that. You won’t know if you don’t ask.

Would you make the trade?


Would you trade for Xavier Rhodes

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  • 36%
    Yes-I’d give up the 3rd round pick
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  • 37%
    Yes, only for the 4th round scenario
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  • 9%
    No, he’s not worth the $$
    (410 votes)
  • 16%
    No, roll with Verrett/Witherspoon/Moore
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